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A poisonous cute Aun lion box🥕

It is designed to hold one or two pairs of socks.

Wanna change out your daily life with these unique socks?
Of -course, they are also a great gifts!
These stylish socks are sure to be the talk of the town!
These makes a great gift for a friends or a loved one.
These socks are made right size so they can also be used as a small accessory case!

☆You can also add a message. If you add your name or message in the memo field in the cart, we will print out a message card and enclose it with the stickers in a special YNATT envelope!💌


※If you are shipping a gift directly to the recipient, please include the recipient's name and address in the shipping address field on the purchase page. (We will not enclose any details for direct delivery.)

Size:W230mm × D100mm × H45mm
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